About us

 Telling the stories that matter. 

Podcasting Productions from Voices Who Care

Great stories unite people and ours aim to do just that! We create podcasts for cool people, by cool people, fostering a community where all are welcome.


Rosethorne Productions is a podcasting company dedicated to telling the stories that are often overlooked. Bringing positive change to the world is at the heart of what we do, leading us to create podcasts with this goal in mind. We are dedicated to bringing the highest quality of audio production while keeping our podcasts accessible to everyone. Everyone deserves to have their voice heard, and all should be able to benefit from the stories we tell.

We all love a good story

Rosethorne Productions was formed out of a love of stories and a passion for how they unite people. The ability that these tales have to move people and show different perspectives creates a community where people can feel safe and included.

This was the basis for the company and it is these ideas at the core of what we do. I had a deep love for podcasting, as it is an extremely accessible platform for all sorts of people to engage with and allows people to tune in from any part of the world to enjoy a show. I dreamed of one day starting my own, but wasn’t sure if I would ever bring the idea to fruition.

When the opportunity arose for me to start a business as a student entrepreneur, I saw my chance and haven’t looked back since. I’ve held close to that original dream and to that initial love of storytelling as the business has moved forward and grown beyond what I ever thought possible.

A Pipedream to Reality

Our Journey


I wanted to tell the stories I never heard when I was young

and give others the love I have for them.

Our Values


Create high quality podcasts while maintaining a healthy work environment

Great stories come from good people

We base all we do in these goals:


Allow as many people as possible to enjoy our productions


Create a safe space for all people no matter background


Unite people through our storytelling

 Join the story,
become a part of the narrative.

Telling the stories that matter.